Night 0 - The Lone Guard

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Night 0 - The Lone Guard

Postby Clearasday » 23 Jun 2014, 17:20:48

The Chicken Marines grow restless. For centuries you have been the military backbone of the coop, spilling your lifeblood to protect it. The coop stands divided, with brother accusing brother. No leader has arisen yet still you stand your vigil outside the senate house. But you've seen the writing on the wall, the revolt that you've feared and trained for all of your life is coming. The city must be ready. Your military must be reformed if it is to meet this threat, and it must be given emergency powers. Your hand strays to your spear, and your eyes turn to the crowded and bickering senate house that lies behind you. This is not a time for talking, this is a time for action.

Your faction has the power to convert at night, but not two nights in a row. Starting on day 1 if you choose, all members of your faction will vote democratically in this forum on who to convert to your faction. You must target a Main Account (Not a Masked One). If your conversion fails, the target will die. They do not have the luxury of freedom, they shall join you or perish.

If you cannot or will not recruit, you can instead Nightkill one target. This nightkill can target either a Main or a Masked Account Name. This will also be voted on democratically in this thread. You can nightkill every night that you do not recruit.

Members of your faction are NOT immune to conversion.

Please Note: Main Accounts are the only ones allowed to post in here. Keep your Masked Accounts for the main thread.

Your Cult wins when 50% of the people currently alive are members.

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Re: Night 0 - The Lone Guard

Postby That PJ » 24 Jun 2014, 05:00:42

Just a quick note to say that I have received my orders and understand them completely. The Praetorian Guard must not fail. For the Glory of the Coop!

I'll wait until tomorrow to talk about who should join the POULTRI (Praetorian One-time Unified League for Termination of Rebellious Insurgents). Perhaps by then I'll have a better acronym not invented in 2 minutes, since I can't seem to work in that Y. Though of course it is the mission not what we call ourselves which is ultimately of greatest importance.

But what we call ourselves is pretty important. I'm also considering FOWL and WATTLE.

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