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Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:05:46
by Okaros
The hole in Lone Starr's chest is still glowing when Zark Helmet and Cam_Chase began the elimination of the rest of the crowd. Cam clubs the nearest guard and steals his blaster while Helmet amuses himself with crushing the balls of the remaining guards. Cam mows down the dozen or so serving staff and waiters that remain, then holds up his personal communicator and, with the push of a button, causes King Roland to appear on one of the monitors. His voice echoes weirdly alongside Roland's as they both say "Ha-ha! Fooled you!"

When the smoke and carnage clear, only San, Visigoth and Blindsniper are still alive to witness the triumphant entrance of one RaveBomb Sandurz at the heels of a squad of Spaceball commandos.

"Is everything okay in here sir?" yells Ravebomb over the screams and cries of the dying.

"Yes, Sandurz! Excellent work capturing the rest of the palace! While you fought your way in from the outside, we struck from within! We even managed to catch it all on video! Now, go finish clearing out the holding cells and find that obnoxious King. He's probably in a safe room somewhere, and I want things to be presentable when my new subjects come to beg for their lives.

Oh, and prepare cells for these two and the King. Since they were going to torture us with repetitive children's television I think it's only fair to return the favor. Make them relive their moment of failure by forcing them to watch the videos of this day, on repeat, for the rest of their lives. Hah!"

"Right away, sir!"

With all of that wrapped up, Zark Helmet proceeds to the throne room and flops haphazardly onto the throne. A short while later, Sandurz drags a bruised and beaten Yogurt into the room and throws him down at the feat of Helmet.

"Sir, we found him downstairs in the King's panic room. He seems to have been helping the King all along!" exclaims RaveBomb.

Zark Helmet's voice fills with scornful triumph. "Now, don't you see dferrantino? Evil will always triumph over Good, because Good is Dumb! Throw him in the dungeon with the others!"

As the defeated Yogurt is dragged away, Zark Helmet leans back and lights a cigar.

"All the power, wealth, and air of Druidia are mine at last. It's good to be the King!"

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:10:29
by Okaros
Admetus - Lone Starr, a Human vigilante - Schwartzed to death
San, Visigoth, Blindsniper - A regular guest (Human) - tortured forever
dferrantino - President Skroob's (the real King Roland) secret advisor - still searching for more money. Also tortured forever.

7-Zark-7 - Dark Helmet, a Wolf vigilante - Victorious
Cam_Chase - - An Asshole A Spaceball A Wolf, hacker of "King Roland" - Victorious

San : 3.5 : Cam_Chase, 7-zark-7, King Roland, Visigoth
7-zark-7 : 1 : BlindSniper83
Cam_Chase : 1 : San

[+] Vote History
President Skroob voted for Admetus (Retracted)
San voted for Cam_Chase
Cam_Chase voted for San
Admetus voted for 7-zark-7 (Retracted)
King Roland voted for Admetus (Retracted)
7-zark-7 voted for San
King Roland voted for San
Admetus voted for San (Retracted)
Visigoth voted for San
BlindSniper83 voted for 7-zark-7

( For the record, San was the final lynch victim and Blindsniper the final maul victim, leaving Visigoth as the only remaining human up against two wolves. )

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:10:44
by Okaros
Game over, man! Game over!

Wolves win!

I'll work on opening the various forums up for everyone now.

Edit: There, all the players should have read/write access to all three forums now, assuming I did things correctly.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:25:11
by Okaros
Also, to answer the two most burning questions that the wolves and humans are likely have:

[+] How the owners of the mask accounts were chosen
Ownership of President Skroob was offered to the first unprivileged human to die. dferr was the Day One lynch victim and thus didn't have any seer results to taint him, so he got first dibs.

Ownership of King Roland was determined by vote amongst the Wolves. Had a Wolf died on Day One or Two, I would have offered them the account instead (or at least given the Wolves the option of letting their fallen teammate play on in that fashion).

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:33:49
by Okaros
Prince Valium eventually awakens alone in a small, white, windowless cell. He yawns, stretches, and stands up from the flat cot that was serving as his bed.

"Oh no," he groans. "Not again..."

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 18:44:19
by Omega
Thanks for the game Okaros. Had a fun time watching from the Great Beyond.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 19:27:49
by Admetus
That was a great vigilante shot, Zark, and really outstanding RP the whole way through!

Good game, wolves. I'm glad I figured it out, but sadly I did not persuade the humans well, because I was so unsure.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 19:48:52
by rekard
I punch Prince Valium from the afterlife.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 10 Feb 2015, 20:21:58
by Smirker
GG all. It was fun. And thanks for running the game (and a great job doing it), Okaros!

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 03:21:59
by Visigoth
Good game Okaros.

I blame Admetus for the loss ;) My double and triple guessing caught me. I could have voted on someone else, but was more convinced Blindsniper83 was a wolf and as such didn't want to leave the game in his hands so best to pile-on one person. Unfortunately it was the wrong person and the wolves had no problem following my push on San. Kind of a shame since the other two nominees were the wolves. Good game all.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 05:59:02
by sphenodont
Good game, you goddamn dirty spaceballs.

And thanks to Okaros for running it.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 08:22:30
by Mister E. Meat
I'm just upset that I missed my vote on the day that I would have saved myself. I don't think it would have made a large difference in the game although it might have made me suspect 7z7 because he's always out to get me. Amusingly enough though, he was my backup GA target had I not been able to GA myself.

Thanks Okaros for the amusing flavor text.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 08:27:52
by That PJ
Good game, folks. I enjoyed watching from the dead. Way to go, Zark, you magnificent bastard! I think this was my favorite RP of yours.

Thanks for running it, Okaros. I support your notion of giving the dead more to do.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 11:22:33
by Admetus
Also I want to say the game was well GM'd. Good narration, fair balance, good tweaks to the formula.

Be careful when you add things to the dead, though, if we're going to talk about that here. *Note to people that didn't read the dead forum yet -- this isn't about this game, but about ideas Okaros has been pondering for a future game.*

The first game I played in which made that a major component was twdog's map game #1, Werewolves of Innsmouth. I remember that while overall people enjoyed the twist, there were definitely some that felt a bit ... betrayed? Let down? The feeling was -- I already got rid of that guy, and he's going to mess with the plan from the dead? At one point, the way things played out, the dead actually got a vig shot and killed a wolf with it. Information and aid was also being shared back with the living.

Anyways, be careful that you don't leave people with a feeling that including the dead is unfair. I wanted to go find an example to point you to with a link, but I read through the whole "end of game day thread" and it was mostly glowing praise in there. Must have been somewhere else (most likely a dead forum thread, perhaps, but that was more than I could re-read right now). It's not that it can't work, but be careful.

Re: Day 8 - Oh shit. There goes the planet.

Posted: 11 Feb 2015, 13:32:36
by Okaros
Yeah, both of those aspects ( knowledge/information sharing and "didn't I just kill you?" ) were definitely on my mind. I actually gave dferr specific instructions not to reveal who he was in order to try and combat that (also to try and avoid the game diving into a hunt for who the real owners of the masks were). There's definitely some tweaks I'll make if I reuse this particular idea in the future, but I suspect it'll be a while. I have a few more ideas to work through before I settle on a favorite. :)

More generally, what I'm looking to do isn't really to give the dead as a whole more stuff to do (though that may be a natural fallout of a lot of the things I wind up trying), I'm looking for ways to make dying on Day 1 less painful/boring while still retaining the usefulness/meaning (particularly from a vote-analysis perspective) of those Day 1 lynch/maul/vigs. Because lets face it, getting killed on Day 1 of a 1-2 week game leaves you with quite a bit of thumb-twiddling before the next game begins and spectating only has so much entertainment value. There's a reason there's a strong resistance to lynching/mauling the previous game's Day 1 victims, after all. ;)