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Postby rekard » 13 Nov 2016, 18:56:25


You are Jigsaw. Psycho Killer

Time to put everyone to the test. You will have a kill shot each night.

You win when you are part of the last 4.

You count as a human.

You are Nick Amaro.
From the FBI. A Wolf.
You have two powers:
- A Vigilante shot.
- Role Seer: PM me your target each day and I will reveal the target's role and power.

You are Carlito.
From the FBI. A Wolf.
You have the power:
- You can block a power each day. You can only block the same player's power once per game

Fairy Catmother
You are Agent Salt.
From the FBI. A wolf.
You have the power:
- You can manipulate a player's vote two times per game. You can either take a vote away from a player's count or add a vote to a player. PM me when you do that.

You are the seer. A human.
PM me a player's name each day. I'll reveal that player's faction to you

You are the Guardian Angel. You are human.
Once per day, you can PM me a target to protect that player's second life. You can't protect yourself. If you save someone, your GA power will run out.
This role won't be revealed when you lose your first life.
You have another power that will be revealed when you lose your first life. Twice per game, you can switch two players and any power directed at them will be switched.

You are a teenager. You are a human.
You have a Vigilante Night shot.


You are a Murder Prosecutor and a human.
Your power is:
Thrice per game.
Choose a player. His vote counts double.


You are a policewoman. You are human.
Your power is:
You have a vigilante shot.


You are a toy collector. You are human.
Your power is:
Choose a player. That player will get a vigilante shot.
After you do that, you'll have a vigilante shot of your own.


You are a Con Man.
Your power is:
Thrice per game, you can make a player vote for someone else. PM me.


You are Mike Pizza.
Your power is:
Twice per game, if you're the victim of a power, you'll get it.


You are a photographer.
Your power is:
Choose a target each day. I'll tell you the player's power.
When you do your power on day 3, you'll copy that player's power that day.

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