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Re: Chatting amongst the Exiled

Posted: 12 Dec 2016, 13:12:21
by dferrantino
Admetus wrote:
dferrantino wrote:Was it simply because Gungnir stayed out of the conversation after his "No, just no" post, and you didn't feel comfortable following him?

Basically, yes. I know people aren't all going to stick it out all the way to deadline, especially on a Friday night. But that move reeeeeally smelled like a wolf being glad he'd been able to smoothly transition to the intended target. And Scene! That's a wrap, we're done here. On top of that, Ryvvn and FCM's struggling sounded very human.

Likewise, you were gone once you'd gotten what you wanted. Like I said, people are going to post and leave sometimes. But when it starts to look like everyone with one agenda checks out and everyone without a specific person to push is still struggling, that paints a different picture. Usually at least one of the humans will poke in to comment on what's going on, even if they don't change their minds.

Yeah, I knew as soon as I saw your post about San that I needed to pop in and be active (which in and of itself would have looked suspicious that I'd been keeping up with the conversation the entire time without input) as it was now down to just me and Ryvvn, but I was about 8 drinks in, so I don't think anything I could have said would have changed my situation for the better. Just take a look at my ranting in the wolf board, it probably would have taken me at least a half hour (and a real keyboard) to put together a coherent thought.

Would not be the first time I've lost due to being out on a Friday night though. And I'm sure it won't be the last...

Re: Chatting amongst the Exiled

Posted: 13 Dec 2016, 06:32:17
by Gungnir888
Odd, that comment I would have made as an irritated human.

I'd already made the point to Admetus that I was trusting Marco's opinion over his own, and I had switched my vote to align with San, the only other person on FCM. That was as close as human-me would be willing to get to flat out saying San is Marco, but it wasn't exactly subtle. The fact that San got put into contention as Ludo after that, I thought was crazy, and said so.

I kind of expected it to buy some cred with Admetus, but alas, it clearly did not.

Re: Chatting amongst the Exiled

Posted: 13 Dec 2016, 10:20:14
by Admetus
No, that didn't help you, because up to that point I had left it intentionally unclear whether I was implying dferrantino or San was Marco. In fact, given that Ryvvn and dferrantino were making decent arguments against each other, I expected that siding against Ryvvn would make a human believe I was signalling that dferrantino was Marco.

The wolves would know that San was Marco if I was wrong, but they might think dferrantino was Marco if I was right.

So, to me at least, "figuring out" that San was Marco wasn't something I saw as particularly human.