Night 4

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Post Harlot
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Night 4

Postby Omega » 11 Oct 2013, 18:20:24

2 down... That might make this a little more complicated.

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Post Harlot
Post Harlot
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Re: Night 4

Postby Visigoth » 12 Oct 2013, 08:03:31

No one visited us again. Guess we're not very popular. :(

Also wondering a bit if Rictus was a good trade or not. His every other day ability might have been more useful to us in the long run. Though I wonder if there's a chance he too could come back like Ryvvn. Not thinking so since in the narrative Ryvvn just disappeared but for Rictus he slumped to the ground implying being dead.

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Re: Night 4

Postby sphenodont » 13 Oct 2013, 14:58:26

Any word from the Council today?

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