Power usages/results

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Power usages/results

Postby Visigoth » 14 Oct 2013, 20:15:01

Figured I'd make a thread to try and corral the results and uses of everyone's powers. Probably good to just make a new post with your actions so you can keep editing as the games goes on.

For me:

Night 1: Visits by Rictus and Meta4
Night 2: Nothing
Night 3: Nothing
Night 4: Nothing
Night 5: Hellheart and dferrantino visited


Night 1: dferrantino - Federation
Night 2: Couldn't use
Night 3: ?
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Re: Power usages/results

Postby sphenodont » 15 Oct 2013, 07:25:10

My power is to "hide" behind other players, causing any power usage on me to trigger on them instead.

Night 1: missed
Night 2: missed
Night 3: DOM
Night 4: missed
Night 5: Hellheart

My secondary ability is that I will know who tries to use a vote manip power on me (but not the nature of the power). I have not received any feedback from the GM, which is not all that surprising.

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