Night 10

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Night 10

Postby Omega » 21 Oct 2013, 17:16:06

As promised, you have a night kill tonight.

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Re: Night 10

Postby Visigoth » 22 Oct 2013, 13:58:36

Who to kill. I kind of think that I want to take Hellheart to the next day as he kind of acts as the wild card for parity. Plus if he actually manages to take the other person out then it would be down to us two and I'd hope that I could win in that situation. So have to think of who he might take out tonight and target the other person. Of course there's a chance that he could hit me tonight, but hoping that all his talk in the day thread means that he's staying away from me.

I'm also wondering if Okaros got killed due to being switched with FurinMirado. If so I think that should count as taking out a certain Romulan Senator. ;) Seeing as those two should have been switched I guess it's a matter of when the switch happens and if it impacts the night maul or not. Though seeing as DOM has made more than two posts today I'm not sure if any of the inherited powers from dferrantino are working or not.

If one can trust what Hellheart is saying I'd like to think that he wouldn't be targeting me. So would he try for DOM or Clearasday tonight? I can kind of see him leaning towards DOM since he was originally pushing to get Hellheart lynched. Let's try:

If FurinMirado is lynched
Maul Clearasday
elsif DastardlyOldMan is lynched
Maul FurinMirado

Assuming such conditionals are allowed on the maul.

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