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New Player? Start here!

Postby Omega » 26 Jan 2015, 09:51:02

So you’ve decided to join us for a bit of Werewolf (or Mafia) online. Great! We’re glad to have you.
Let’s go over a few items before you start, including some conventions we use here on this board.

Part 1 - What is Werewolf/Mafia?
It was originally a party game that many people have adapted for forum play. The typical game has a day and a night phase.

Day phase: All players try and figure out who the wolves are. There's a vote and the player with the most votes is killed at the end of the day.
Night: The wolves meet in secret and decide which human to kill.

The game ends when all the wolves are dead (human victory) or when the wolves equal or outnumber the humans (wolf victory). The number of wolves will vary based on the total number of players. There is generally 1 wolf to every 4 humans.

That's about it. There are usually some special powers for the humans thrown into the mix to make things interesting and occasionally people try out wacky variants. In general these special powers will be disclosed up front. Be sure you read the GM's initial post regarding the game, as well as any "rules" posts made.

Our games generally have a concurrent day and night phase, with each “day” lasting 24 hours.

The GM will PM you with a role (e.g. "Human," "Wolf," "Seer," etc.) be sure to read your PMs if you get a notification.

All of our "Day" phases will occur in a forum that all players can see. Each Day will have its own thread and will be called "Day 1," "Day 2," etc.

All of our "Night" phases will occur in a separate forum that only the wolves can see. Each Night will have its own thread, similar to the Days.

Where is this held?
By virtue of the fact that you’re reading this, you’ve at least found the Village Pub, our general and “off topic” forum. Each game will have its own forums dedicated to it, as you can see in previous games.

Why do you waste your time on this?
Technically, a great many of us are actually wasting our employer’s time. It's a subtle yet important difference.

Mainly because it's fun. Some of the folks over there are great liars. Some write very interesting and flavorful posts. Some use a RNG to play. It all works out.

Remember, the purpose of this is to lie to your friends and to catch the liars in the act. There are accusations, finger-pointing, and death threats. Those are all in the spirit of the game - be mindful that we don't take things personally here.

Part 2 – The Mechanics of it all
Ok, so I’ve signed up, the GM has posted their intro and it is time to play. Now what?
Vote for who you think is a wolf! Voting is done by posting the player’s name using the VOTE BB tag.

Example wrote:Omega is a wolf.
#Vote for: Omega

In general, we do not use Bold for emphasis, due to our historic usage of Bold for Voting. If you need to emphasize your arguments, use italics or underline.

Also, as you'll see, there are plenty of non-vote posts in each Day thread. Have fun with it. Role-play a little bit (if that's your thing), post ponies (that's Okaros and RaveBomb's thing.)

What if I change my mind?
No problem! Go back to your original post and edit it like so

Example wrote:retracted (formerly Omega)

And in a new post, vote like you did before

Example wrote:Actually, Iron Clad Burrito is a dirty wolf.
#Vote for: Iron Clad Burrito

Seems simple enough. What about those “special powers” you mentioned earlier?
Each game is different in this regard. In the most basic sense, you’ll have three special roles for the humans, a Seer, a Guardian Angel and a Vigilante. The exact details of their roles and how to play out will change at the GM’s discretion, but, in general, in order to use their power, you would send a private message to the GM of that particular game with your target’s name.

Each game will handle the “order of powers” differently, though, in general the maul (wolf kill) will be last. If you submit a power, it will generally “resolve” at night, and you will see the effects the next day.

Targets can be conditional on the lynch vote. In a parlor setting, there is a discrete “day” and “night” phase, because we don’t have that here, if you have a power, you can submit two targets, in case the first target is lynched. In this case, your PM to the GM would be similar to:

Example wrote:Seer: Omega > Iron Clad Burrito

Anything else I should know?
  • Omega, RaveBomb, sphenodont, and Ryvvn are the site admins, feel free to PM one (or all) of them if you have any issues or other questions.
  • Because we are an international group of players, you'll be ferreting out wolves in London, Sydney and all across the US. Please at least put your timezone in the "Location" field of your profile, so that we know to attribute your silence to sleep as opposed to some nefarious cause.
  • We have an “E-mail Opt In” group if you’d like to get e-mails prior to game start. Here is the thread discussing that.
  • Review the Basic Rules here. In general, they cover the default rules that we play with. But remember, each game is different and these can be modified in whole or in part by the GM.
  • Don't be afraid to ask! Ask the GM, ask in the Day thread (if it's not relevant to a special power that you have), ask the admins, find someone who's not playing and ask them. We are, by nature, a pretty social group, and we're always happy to have new players come along.

Part 3 – Glossary of common terms/abbreviations that you'll see here
GA – Guardian Angel – A common human special.
GM – Game Master – The person in charge of each game, sometimes there may be more than one.
PA – Pack Alpha – A wolf special, though rarely seen anymore.
PM – Private Message
TWG – The Wolf Game – The game you’re playing. When Dystopia first brought this to Ars Technica in 2010, this is what he referred to it as. It has stuck.
Vig – Vigilante – A common human special.

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Re: New Player? Start here!

Postby Iron Clad Burrito » 26 Jan 2015, 20:18:41

Something I've just thought of, and really could apply to all players, not just the new ones.

You've already got a valid email address in your profile. Keep it there. Turn on PM notifications, at a minimum. Control Panel - Board Preferences - Edit Global Settings - notify me on new private messages. If this email address is an account you check regularly, or at least have your smartphone notify you upon a new message, you won't miss those important messages from the GM.

Unless you publicize the email, literally the only people who could see it would be the admins, and that's if we even bother to check, which I'll admit I've never done without prompting from the user him/herself. We honestly don't care. And the Googles don't even index us (thanks, Omega).

So yeah. If you want to stay on top of your shit, have a valid email address and turn on PM notifications.

You can also get email notifications when a thread you have participated in receives a reply, but now you're just asking for trouble. ;) ('posting defaults' instead of 'global settings')

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Re: New Player? Start here!

Postby Admetus » 12 Sep 2016, 12:00:15

Reviewed this thread since it was linked in the game 100 Ars post. Couple updates needed:

Introduce the [ vote ] Player [ /vote ] tag. Votes should look like this nowadays:
#Vote for: Okaros

Update the list of admins to include Ryvvn.

Feel free to nuke this post if you want to keep the thread tidy, afterwards.

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