The Role PMs

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The Role PMs

Postby Clearasday » 14 Nov 2013, 18:59:45

Here is a list of the Role-PMs sent out to prevent Metagaming.

Lover wrote:You are a Lover. Your Lover is … . If they die, you will die.

Bigamist wrote:You are the Bigamist. You have two lovers. If you die, they both die. As long as one of your lovers is alive, you will live. Your lovers are … .

Vengeful Lover wrote:You are the Vengeful Lover. If your partner dies, you will die as well, but you get to select someone else to feel your vengeance and take down with you. It does not have to be a person that voted for you. This power does not work if you are lynched. Your partner must be the one to be lynched for you to avenge them. Your Lover is … .

Backup Lover wrote:You are the Backup Lover. You've always loved ... but he has never had time for you. He doesn't even know you exist. While he lives, you live. If he dies, you die. But if his real lover has a nasty accident, then you can step in and save him before he dies of a broken heart. You will replace his lover and he will be informed that you are his new lover. You will at last have a lover.

You cannot tell him that you are his lover or face the Wrath of God. If the game ends and you are not his lover you will Lose the game, even if the Human team wins. Find and kill your rival in love.

Scorned Lover wrote:You are the Scorned Lover. Once every day, you can privately message me with the names of two players. If those players are lovers, they will die that night. If you kill the Bigamist and one of his lovers while his other lover is still alive, his two lovers shall instead become lovers with each other. You win a personal victory and leave the game if you successfully use this ability two times. You lose if either team achieves a victory before this occurs. Your Victory does not end the game for the other players.

You care not for Humans or Wolves.

Each role PM will also come with an alignment.
Human wrote:You are a Human. Kill the wolves!

Wolf wrote:You are a Wolf. Kill the humans!

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