list of passengers

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list of passengers

Postby twdog » 06 Dec 2013, 09:58:15

FurinMirado, wolf, escaped
Necklessone, human, escaped
DOM, human, escaped
RaveBomb, wolf, escaped
rekard, human, escaped
Mister E. Meat, human, escaped


hellheart, human, lynched, day 1
meta4, human, mauled, night 1
cad, human, lynched, day 2
avs, human, mauled, night 2
stigmata, human, lynched day 3
admetus, worm cultist, mauled night 3
ICB, wolf, shot and lynched, day4
Wasabi, unaligned (was human), escaped!
Okaros, unaligned (was wolf), escaped!


dropped out:

griffypoo, human
mortus, human


blindnsiper83, human
dfer, human
you hear an odd muffled noise in the shoggoth tank

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