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Postby rekard » 19 May 2014, 16:25:29

- Standard Wolf and Human factions.
- Standard win conditions (Parity or Wolf annihilation)
- No seer or GA
- Vigilantes.
- Powers
- No self lynch, maul or cancel of either.
- Psychopaths
- PMs allowed. There will be only a maximum of 2 PMs per player per day allowed for each player. This means Jack can sen 2 PMs to Jill, 2 to Rick, 2 to John on day1. Then again on day2, 3 ,4, etc.
- Retaliation Maul/Lynch: There might be lynches where the lynchee will die the next day, and not immediately. But the faction will be revealed either way.The victim will be able to vote and act the next day.
- Revival Days: On certain days, players will be able to revive a player. There might be unforeseen consequences of reviving a player. Players won't be able to discuss publicly who to revive. It will be done through a Private PM vote. There will be a No Revival option.
-EOD is at 9 PM ET.

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Re: Rules

Postby Admetus » 19 May 2014, 22:08:35

Can we get an official player list? Thanks!

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