Night 7. Conquest.

In the night, you strike.
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Night 7. Conquest.

Postby rekard » 27 May 2014, 18:16:12

With Hellheart's expulsion, it was clear who the traitor was.

The Nightis liason tried to curse Simon. But he couldn't as Simon was strangling all his breath away. Simon then proceeded to erase records of his involvement with Nightis. Nobody would clearly know Simon was the traitor. He was now a true ghost of the night.

For all that mattered, the Nightis team had been eliminated in disgrace.

Now Simon. How long can you keep this a secret?

Did you do as asked and kept your faction hidden? The end is near!

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Re: Night 7. Conquest.

Postby Simple_Simon » 27 May 2014, 18:19:10


RIP Nightis Darksiders.

Sorry Hellheart, I was converted night 2 to a team no one knew existed. Wasbeon Ronins, which isn't without it's own faults.
For what it's worth, though, his talking to himself is awfully entertaining.-sphen
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