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Emails and other info from Secret Spies Faction

Posted: 26 May 2014, 19:51:26
by Rictus
Night 5, post from Okaros:

PM from FurinMirado: wrote:"Oh yes. WE can win this.

I'm going for broke here. I'm a sociopath. I win if the special secret teams don't win. In other words I win if you die or reach parity. So if I get revived we can ally. We will both win if the last people alive are you and me.

To help us do this I have access to quite a bit of information. For example, the Nightis Darksiders converted ThatPJ sometime during Days 1 through 4. He actually started out with the Vampirian Mirrorless. I believe the Nightis Darksiders are poised to win this in a few days.

That's just one example, I have a lot more pieces of the puzzle. We can gradually whittle down each group so that none can win before we end this, just you and me. BFFs.

I wish we could have allied sooner but I had no way of contacting any of your brethren. I didn't even suspect MEM that strongly until I was mauled right after I voted for him. That was a big clue.

Vote to revive me, we'll let these suckers annihilate each other and then stroll into the vault together. What do you say?

After some discussion with the team, Okaros sent him another email.
2nd PM from FurinMirado: wrote:Alright, this is the last PM I'm allowed to send to you, so hopefully I answer all your questions. I see no reason to hold back:

1. It was always part of my power. On Day 4 I get a vig shot. I was hoping to hold onto it, but you guys changed that by mauling me. I saw the opportunity for sweet payback and took it. I hope you won't hold that against me.

2. That's the greater part of my power. I get to know the affiliation of everyone that dies. The rest is deduction.

Here's another tidbit: Mister E. Meat belonged to ???? which I believe means Sociopath. Dferrantino was Vampirian Mirrorless. Meta4 was Newpolis Rogues. Stigmata was Nightis Darksiders. Which means you have to be part of the Sikrit Subtle Spies. I don't know if you have the option of winning by helping them reach parity, but even if you do it would be worth it to keep me around as a back-up plan.

3. See #1 and #2. Plus I can send out 2 anonymous PMs and 1 anonymous PM that just says "I know", which I hope has been entertaining to my targets. :lol:

I don't blame you for hesitating. If you change your mind later I'm pretty sure you can get me lynched very easily. Hell, all you have to do is yell "SOCIOPATH!" and I'm sure the bandwagon will start rolling.

So everyone on the Secret Spies forum voted to Revive FurinMirado. The expectation is that FurinMirado is indeed a psycho, which is easiest for us (sekrit spies) to control.

Re: Emails and other info from Secret Spies Faction

Posted: 26 May 2014, 19:59:03
by Rictus
Our opening post with our powers and goal:

Welcome Hidden Secret Keepers.

We have succesfully infiltrated the ???? Council and the Millionaire Club, those wolves. We need to dominate. With the name and the vault, we'll make sure we are the first place in keeping secrets.

You are all part of the secret faction of this game, the Sikrit Subtle Spies.

Winning conditions:
You will need to gain parity with the rest of the players.

- If wolves reach parity before you.
- If humans win (Alll wolves die before you reach parity).

To win you have some advantages:
- Your secret faction will not be revealed upon death, only your supposed human/wolf allegiance.
- Okaros has infiltrated the wolf faction, but his allegiance is to Sikrit.
- 1 Conversion. If/when one of you dies permanently, you will be able to convert one player to your cause. Not all players will be able to be converted. The more days you wait to convert, more players will become immune due to herd behavior. The conversion will not be spent if it fails. Our intelligence reports say that at the start of this game, only 10% of total players are immune to conversion.
- If Okaros dies, you can switch your conversion to 1 team nightkill. This death is permanent.
- You have a 1 time Night protection on any one player of your team. It doesn't protect against the lynch. If it is succesful, it will render you unable to convert/kill other players for various days. You can't protect converted players. If you have done a conversion, you can't protect players for 2 days after that. This is a last resort. Since there is no GA, it will make everyone suspicious, especially the conspiracy nutjob.

For parity purposes, Okaros counts as a wolf and the rest of you as humans.

Be careful! One player is a conspiracy nutjob and knows there is a secret faction. But he will need a few days to be able to reveal that your faction exists. He knows you'll be looking for him, so don't be obvious.
- You have a Team seer power per night. Tell me the target and you will get revealed if he is the nutjob.If he is not, you might get a role reveal if that player has one.

If the nutjob detects your faction by guesswork or just living, your secret faction allegaince will be revealed upon death. We don't want this right? Obviously he is immune to conversion.