The ????ian Mailbox

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The ????ian Mailbox

Postby Okaros » 22 May 2014, 08:28:37

wherein we keep our interesting pieces of mail from others.

From Hellheart to Okaros on Day 3:
...Okay, I can't sit here and watch this anymore. Either you're putting way too much effort into leading us on, or you really don't know what's actually going on here.

Dude, I hate to break it to you but there's more than one traitor wolf. I know for a fact that at least 2, possibly 3 of your buddies were turncoats from the get-go.

For all we know, you're one of them too.

Yeahhh...but I figure you'd find better things to spend your time on in that case. This seems like a great way to set your own team way behind.

Think about it. We had 3 wolves dead-to-rights a couple hours into Day 2. Ten humans end the day by voting for a wolf, and one wolf tries to snipe another just to stay alive. Not to mention the alcoholic wolf, who got shot because of a reveal by one of the traitors in your own ranks.

You mentioned yesterday that the wagons smelled terrible, but that's just incredible.

You mean how much better it smells in here now that the monkey is gone?

Well, that too, but I, two really quiet wolves killed in one day! It's's like we just knew they were wolves, you know?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! I'm pretty sure there's also at least one group that can convert people, a couple of sociopaths that get stronger every day, not to mention that "human" and "wolf" is just a cover role. This battle isn't between human and wolf because the humans would have already won that battle. The real battle is between these traitor wolves to see who gets to control the maul.

And if you're a turncoat yourself, your allies are probably not going to be enough. Also, you should probably stop wasting your time making fake reads and start spending your time figuring out what the hell else is going on around here. There's more to these people and animals than one psychic and one horribly overworked pharmaceutical salesman can handle.

I wonder who's fault that is.

I don't know, your boss's? You should request more days off or something. It's not like you show up for work anyway, you might as well make it official.

What I'm saying is: we could use your help in figuring all this stuff out. In return, we'll do our best to keep you alive. That's more than I can say for the other splinter factions, which will push you for human credibility and control of the maul.

And don't you even think about betraying us to everyone else.

Dude, we know he's a wolf. Of course he can't betray us to everyone, give the man some credit here. Look, I trust you more than Gus but that's really not saying much. We're not going to give you a lot of extra information because that's not what our end of the deal is about.

Anyway, if you're up for working with us, I'm finding it difficult to sort out all of the psychic imprints from the various allegiances. There were 20 of us to start. There are at least two groups with a traitor wolf, and they probably don't look the same. There's some straight-up humans that'll win if you wolves die off, and maybe some of them are in a pure-human splinter faction. There's also probably a couple of sociopaths and there's a faction that can convert, which may overlap with one of the traitor wolf factions. And we have no idea what'll happen if we try to bring someone back from the "dead."

How the hell can you even fit that many agendas into just 20 people?

My response:
Thank you, you've confirmed a couple of my suspicions (the overall structure of the game and the nature of particular wolves) and reinforced another (the idea that a shadow game is being played, with several people as pawns).

Since I'm not attached to a faction I'm open to the idea of working together, but your clever dancing about on the subject of your own team bothers me a bit.

So, rather than pushing for answers you won't give, I'll take a clear answer on something reasonable:
-) Are you currently working with a traitor wolf? If so, naming them will make things much saner for both of us. Despite your trying to say otherwise, control of the maul control is key for everyone.

I'll ponder what you've said re: the nature of the various factions in play and I'll keep your existence a secret since we've both got decent mutually-assured-destruction material, but in case you get any funny ideas please understand that I have a lot less to lose at this point than you do and am more than happy to go RaveBomb on everyone and everything if it looks like I'm about to be eliminated. :)

Now to go spend the evening buried in spreadsheets and sorting this out. Ugh.

Hellheart's reply to my reply:

(( Okay, second and hopefully last out-of-character PM all game.

It's in there, but it's pretty hidden. You'd basically have to quote the whole post, revealing to whoever you're talking to that you're a wolf.

I was in close contact with one of the traitor wolves. That wolf is now dead, but I know for certain that he was not the traitor wolf that Ravebomb was in contact with. You can figure out the rest from that, I'm sure. I'd rather not say more at this point based on the reaction to sphenodont's post. I'm afraid he may have said too much publicly and that could definitely end very poorly for him. Hell, I've only said this much to you because you're a wolf, so if I'm going down I can make damn well sure that you'll end up losing too, as you've pointed out.

I have zero intention of betraying you. I don't even want to control you, but I do want to make sure that the other traitor wolf doesn't get maul control. I know that if we somehow both get near the end of the game you'll probably end up trying something because you'll probably have no other choice, and that's fine. Since this is a rekard game, it's entirely possible that a co-win option may open up in the future. I'm keeping my mind open in that regard.

Sorry about the busy-work, but I'm rather short on people to toss this back and forth with after Admetus and Ryvvn took an early exit. I would've probably contacted Ryvvn about this today. There's really not many others I could reasonably trust at this point. I'll offer my own insights once you have a rough idea of how things are laid out. I almost certainly know more connections than you do.

Quick word of advice: there are still several unaffiliated humans that have no idea what's going on, so if you're broaching the subject with somebody you have to be very careful. If That PJ's reaction to sphenodont is any indication, saying the wrong thing to the wrong human could outright get you killed. ))
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Re: The ????ian Mailbox

Postby Rictus » 23 May 2014, 14:20:43

From Sphenodont to Rictus:
I will try to make the most of this PM, since as you said, we're quite limited.

Clearly, a number of people know (or suspect) who the wolves are, or else we wouldn't have killed two so quickly. I cannot imagine that things could be that simple: if the humans wanted to win, all they would have to do is quickly murder all the Millionaires and win by Day Three. There must be more to it. We know there are psychopaths among us, and I know there is at least one who cannot be allowed to make it to the end-game. We also know that some of the formal councilmembers are being dragged off to Purgatory before being allowed to return to us, and I worry that something is happening to them while they are absent.

I am being clear and forthright on this point: I think it is wisest to hunt the psychopaths first. Perhaps we can vote not to allow anyone to return from the Land Beyond, but that's not something people will agree on. So, I say we try to find the revolutionary (or -ies, if there are more than one).

I am taking a large chance that you are that anarchist, but someone vouched for you and requested that I remove my vote for you. If you know who they might be, talk to them and verify what I've said to them before we continue our conversation. It would be best that we trust each other (as much as we can afford to do that, obviously). If you have no idea who that might be, well sleep well knowing you have someone looking out for your continued survival.

Also, barring any conversion madness, there should be three wolves remaining.
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