Night 0 - Only the Finest

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Night 0 - Only the Finest

Postby Clearasday » 23 Jun 2014, 17:20:17

Once upon a time the coop was ruled by only the finest Chickens of Repute, your kin, descended from the first heroes of Chickendom themselves. Now the rabble governs everything, and your fine breeding and nobility are ignored. It is time to once again concentrate power in the hands of the best, you! You have already amassed money, power, slaves and land, but you are missing one thing. The support of the military. Your envoy rides for their camp tonight. You shall have their answer tomorrow. Everything is in place.

Your faction has the power to convert one person to your cause each night. Each day (starting on day1) all members of your faction will vote democratically in this thread on who to convert to your faction. You must target a Main Account (Not a Masked One).

Members of your faction are NOT immune to conversion.

Please Note: Main Accounts are the only ones allowed to post in here. Keep your Masked Accounts for the main thread.

Your Cult wins when 50% of the people currently alive are members.

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Re: Night 0 - Only the Finest

Postby Mister E. Meat » 24 Jun 2014, 09:18:49

The Elder Chicken is here. I may be stringy but I'm tough as nails. I'm not trying to egg anyone on but we're in it to win it, so to the doubters of our cause, "Go cluck yourself!"

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